Let’s help this family move out of a mud & wood kraal (where livestock are kept) and into a home!

A little bit of context

South Africa is a very industrialized country with skyscrapers, malls, highways, and water treatment plants.

But there’s a problem

Despite this rapid pace of industrialization many families in post-apartheid South Africa have fallen between the cracks. The Khohlakalas are one such family. Gaba, the father, works tirelessly raising cows to provide his four children with food and an education. Since his wife left 2 years ago, he has single handedly taken on the task of raising 4 young children, 3 girls and 1 boy. Gaba built a room for them in the kraal where their cows are kept out of mud and scrap tin roofing. Their one room is used for everything - from sleeping to cooking and even bathing. They do not have running water and so they travel to nearest river which they share with the cows for their water needs. The nearest school is 20km away and despite the distance the children walk the 20km (each way) everyday. They are excited to learn and they know at school they will receive a hot meal. Yet, the walk is potentially dangerous for young children as they have to travel through a forest where they may be attacked or sexually assaulted.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We, with your help, are going to build a two bedroom house for this family where the children and the dad will have their own private spaces. Gaba has already acquired new land close to the children’s school and near the community. We will be teaching Gaba and the children sustainable agriculture techniques, so that they can grow their own food and meet the majority of their food needs. We will also equip the house with a rainwater collection system and they will have access to local taps for supplemental clean water.

And how it’s going to change their lives...
This home will change the lives of the Khohlakalas dramatically. The children will no longer have to walk 20km to school and their safety will no longer be threatened. The garden will provide the family with a constant source of food and their health will improve. As everyone in the family will be trained in sustainable agriculture they will be able to take this knowledge and share it with other families in the community.

Planning the Khohlakala's new home

You can join us

We need $5000 to complete their home.

Our expenses are as follows:

Donate today and let's build this beautiful girl a home!

Julie Sebastian Armstrong & Asekhona Khohlakala

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